Know Sugar Start Up Needs YOU

Know Sugar is the world’s first change agent for sugar. 

It is an idea currently at cross roads and I'm looking for a co-founder to take our idea to the next level.

We’ve done the ground work by creating a refined concept, we’ve proved the need and the market and now it’s time for you to turn this idea into a business. Incase you missed it I shared the top 10 things I learned building the prototype over here. 

Download the details of this opportunity here. I can't wait to talk to you!


Small Fish

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Jase Cooper's project has big potential - keep up to date with the Small Fish blog!

Thanks to Adam for discovery.

Design thinking...this is it!

Listen to a fantastic Design Thinking podcast via strategic design and innovation agents Plot Peter Day talks to Tim Brown of Ideo and Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto on a new role for designers - redesigning what companies do.

2072050150_0558311b0f_oFrom Paul Hughes design thinking sketchbook

A complex phenomenon

I am part of Generation Y. We Control, Co-create, Connect and Collaborate. We are fueling a new world of work. e3 Unlimited are re-thinking and re-inventing the way work works.


"Ask Gen Y launched in October last year, a research-based initiative to help educate organisations on this new generation entering the workforce . Ask Gen Y believes organisations need to embrace the new world of work and do some very different thinking."


"We have been talked and written about, but so far it's been all noise and no action.

Born between 1978 - 1998 Generation Y have been brought up to expect everything, and settle for nothing.

Growing up in the most dynamic economy in history, we've been told we can change the world. We are optimistic, upbeat and filled with a sense of empowerment. But we are a complex phenomenon and full of contradictions: technology savvy but creative, environmentally conscious yet mobile. We expect instant rewards but also expect long term development. We think like entrepreneurs but value relationships over money.

We're a confusing bunch but we are the future.

Work these days naturally overlaps with life. Work used to be somewhere you'd go. Now it is something you do. Rather than focusing on balance alone, the new world of work is all about integration. It's about having the tools, structures, processes, policies and culture to work anywhere,anytime."


Flow are based in London. They specialise in user-centred design, customer experience strategy, user research and usability testing. "We help organisations gain a competitive advantage by delivering products and services that are useful, delightful and easy to use."


The website is full of the good stuff : service design methods, process, visualisation and ethnography...

Their Think Blog documents news and ideas on customer experience.