A toast to Rabbie Burns and Friendships!

Last week was a rollercoaster of toasts, terrific highs and some tears. It seems apt that we all raised our glasses to Rabbie Burns at the weekend and I wanted to share it with you dear readers and wish you all a Happy Burns Day!! This time last year I attended my first traditional Burns Supper. I was blown away and came home to write a post about Rabbie's "Genuis of writing about people" . This year, I decided to hold my own supper and with the help of Mum's cooking, Dad's musicianship, Craig's beautiful recitals, Lorna's housekeeping and Lynsey's organisational skills - we pulled off a wee Burns Nicht for over twenty folks!!

Burns Nicht' 2011

The focus of the poems I have explored this year has been relationships and friendships. Robert Burns was a man of love and passion. I think it says something about our nation that we have chosen a man of words - a poet, a wordsmith, a man of love and passion to be our national hero. Not a warrior, not a politician, a man of the people and a man of the heart. Any man that could write...

Had we never lov'd sae kindly, Had we never lov'd sae blindly, Never met - or never parted -- We had ne'er been broken-hearted.

is a genius in my book :)

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

The humorous highlight of any Burns Night comes in the toast to The Lassies which is designed to praise the role of women in the world today. Burns was a liberal and he loved lassies. He was a true romantic. This year has really pushed and challenged my thinking around femininity ; immersing myself in the predominantly male police service and managing an all girl team in the predominantly male 'tech' scene has been tough and I have learned alot. Also, Cassie and I held Women of Scotland last October and it was a really lovely experience, I've met some amazing lassies in 2010! Those of you who know me have witnessed my feelings of patriotism grow stronger so I would like to make a toast... to Burns, The Lassies and Friendships of 2011!

Thank you to everyone who came and showed off their splash of tartan!