bruce tether

Time to bring in the professionals?

Design ProfessionalsCurrently working my way through this essay archive.

"The experiences gained from the project have been compiled into an edited volume of essays providing insights into the past, present and future of the emerging discipline of 'service design.' A must read for academics and professionals"

In Professor Bruce Tether's "Service Design: Time to bring in the professionals?" he asks the imperative question: Who designs services and who should design services? He predicts in the next decade will see a "dramatic change in the economics of services, and companies and governments would be well-advised to be prepared an get ahead of the curve."

"Design, design processes and design thinking have great potential to make a significant different to the development of new and better services."

Bruce mentions the problems we face:

  1. The variation of how people understand design and what we do.
  2. Companies interpret design as a complementary asset.
  3. There are an enormous amount of design students in the UK ( too many perhaps) but few are focused on services as economic activities.

"A challenge for academia is to pool the knowledge from companies who are already doing it: eg. Engine, Radar Station, Livework, test it, and make it more widely available."

I hope to discuss my proposed research question with Bruce... 'What is the role of the a service design graduate in tomorrow's design landscape?'