Mobile phone directory to launch

A company will begin offering a directory service from next week that allows people to find the mobile phone numbers of people they don't know. "For most of the 20th century, the landline was the only phone around. With the mobile you're always available, so it's the number most of us dial first.

So it is perhaps not surprising that a directory service is starting up that allows people to find out someone else's mobile phone number in the same way we've always been able to do for landlines."

Picture 4An excellent video from the BBC explaining exactly how this service works.

Thanks to my mum, who was a BT telephonist in the early days of her career, for discovery :)

24/7 health service

A Berkshire hospital has launched a round-the-clock service to treat heart attack patients.

Ambulance crews will now take patients with blocked arteries straight to Royal Berkshire Hospital's cardiac unit for an emergency angioplasty day or night.

It follows a successful pilot project, and patients will normally be treated within an hour of suffering symptoms of a heart attack. Launched on 1 April, the service has so far successfully treated four patients. The procedure sees a catheter with a deflated balloon at its tip inserted into any blockage in the artery.


A spokesman for the hospital trust said: "The hospital has been running the angioplasty service for a few months now during daytime hours and took the decision to make the service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

User experience design expert

The Guardian talks to user experience design expert Nicky Smith.

"As senior research manager my role is to identify new trends or opportunities that could influence BBC strategy for digital products and services. I approach this using design thinking to take a user-centric approach to problem solving.


This can range from prototyping proof-of-concepts to exploring collaborations and partnership opportunities, either within the BBC or externally across industry and academia"

Great to read more about Nicky's job after meeting her in twitter world...