amsterdam centraal

Every picture tells a story

This technique was devised to help my understanding of Narrow Casting. These pictures show my journey - from home to getting my ticket for Amsterdam Centraal. I intend to show the journey in terms of emotion as well - when are you most vulnerable? when are you most confused? when do you relax a little? Analysing my own journeys like this will assist in my understanding of the way travelers behave...

These show the people I interacted with, who I spoke to, the physical touch points and the environment I was in.

Watching the Travellers

An afternoon spent in Amsterdam Centraal Station , the hub of Amsterdam - is a meeting point for some and a departure point for many. Trams, trains, buses and subways make for a true hive of activity at Stationsplein 1, located on the South bank. A traveller can buy your tickets for the sneltrein, stoptrein or TGV in and around Holland and other major European cities at one of the NS (National Spoorwagen) counters or machines.