Guten Morgen

It rained every day and the sky was gray and bleak but Berlin proved to be a thought-provoking city. The day spent at T-Labs was fast-paced. It was an important milestone in the project - relaying our findings. We are now focused and ready to begin phase two of the project! You can see all my photos here. dsc00123


I discovered a tool for measuring emotions that was created as part of an MSc graduation project, the interactive survey measures the emotional reactions people experience whilst staying in a hotel.  There are some good images that trigger memories on the site!

Berlin Calls

I am flying to Berlin this morning to spend three days at T-Labs, I've never been before so really looking forward to the experience. I have been working as part of a multi-disciplinary team on "Transferring today to Tomorrow" since January. We are flying over to relay our findings to our Berlin counterparts. Wish me luck :) Lots of Flickr photographs on the way. red_case