Festival of Interdependence

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Responding to current economic, social and environmental crises, London’s NEF (the new economics foundation) have recently launched plans for “The Bigger Picture: A Festival of Interdependence,” a series of creative activities and events, including lectures, film screenings and art exhibitions, beginning in autumn 2009. The festival will culminate in a large-scale, public event in central London on 24 October 2009 (11:00AM-18:00PM) when an interactive, living exhibition will be staged in the dramatic post-industrial setting of the Bargehouse on London’s South Bank.

Economic turmoil and social upheaval coupled with the threat of runaway climate change have revealed major failings in the current system. In response, nef has brought together a range of organisations and individuals to share a vision of the world as it could be. We believe that the great transition to a new economy begins with a potent mix of hope, creativity, practicality and fun. Collectively we already have many of the ideas, policies and resources that can deliver greater human well-being and social justice within environmental limits. But a huge shift is still needed to make change happen. We think 2009 will mark the start of that shift

With over twenty-five speakers from a range of backgrounds, The Bigger Picture offers visitors and audience a chance to actually join the conversations, learn, share and exchange skills and tell stories. Topics are big and far reaching, including the future of food and farming, the hidden costs of economic growth, civil liberties and climate change, local economics and how inequality leaves us all worse off.

“The Bigger Picture is about people coming together to produce a shared, coherent vision of a sustainable economy.”

Will you be going?

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