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Picture 7me_sanfran_01 I would like to introduce Karelia:

"I’ve had a pretty clear idea of “it” ie. my big picture for a few years now. I knew that I simply wanted to help people via design. I just didn’t a) think an actual position/title of “it” existed, or b) knew exactly what “it” would be called, since it’s an amalgamation of so many things. but i’m pretty sure, as of yesterday, that i’ve found “it.”

*cue heavenly chorus*

And “it” is called SERVICE DESIGN."

She is on a google frenzy, buying post-its and drinking coffee - becoming a service design sponge! With a background in Graphic Design, Karelia has connections with Design Ignites Change and Project M.

Karelia is a prime example of why there is a growing need for Making Service Sense. We had an exciting conversation over the weekend, she said 'I don't have a filter'.

Based in Chicago right now, Karelia is happy to move anywhere her service design journey may take her. So who's doing what in America -

And of course, not forgetting the fact President Obama needs service design!!

Obama Profile

I would like to ask you all to post any links/ advice/ books/places/ people / opportunities you can think of to share with Karelia.

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