amsterdam adventure

Two today!

Redjotter is two today!

This post I wrote two years ago was where it all began. ( hat tip and a smile to Arne ) this year has been pretty hectic ; completed my Masters degree, started up two companies, moved into a new flat in Glasgow, spoke to alot of policemen and went through a pot of red nail varnish ... but it's the people who read what I write, support me and inspire me everyday that make all this possible so thank you very much and here's to another year of redjotter! Bigger and better!

Conference Reflections

This week's Space & Place will be on today, February 18th in the  Reception Room at the University of Dundee. I will be presenting alongside Qin Han who will discuss her experiences at the Design Research Network symposium in Berlin last year, as well her attendance at the Service Design Conference enable.student workshop in Amsterdam.


I will be reflecting on the conference, sharing my insights, and encouraging the University to enable more students to attend such events.

Amsterdam adventure continues

Very successful afternoon! I have booked my ticket for the Service Design conference coming up in next month.

Thank you to Louise Valentine, Hazel White, Christine Kingsley and Jonathan Baldwin for putting up with my pestering :) and their support in gaining funding.

I must allocate some thinking time to the best way to pass on the knowledge I (hopefully) gain while I am there (especially to the under-graduate students). I would also like to write a review of the conference, I learned lots from writing a review on Intersections which was published by the Art Design Media Subject Centre. If you would like to read my article send me an email or leave a comment!

I am really excited I am going back to Amsterdam...especially after reading this interactive article from the NewYork Times. ( thanks Arne )

My lovely friend Kat will be joining me as she has exciting connections within the world of fashion buying in the city. Learn more about her here.