Another story IV

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When you’re sharing, it offers the opportunity for someone to help you.
— Marala Scott

“I’m a strong girl and I know that, but I became weak and I hate that it was a man that let that happen to me.

I was vulnerable when I met him and he took advantage of that. He knew what he was doing.

He swooped me in, told me he loved me, gave my the sob story of his upbringing. He now seemed to live the perfect life. Little did I know, it was all a lie.

He manipulated me, took advantage of me and made me feel useless, silly and weak.

I should have trusted my gut. The stories never quite added up but he always convinced me otherwise.

I wasn’t alone.

It turns out there were others feeling the same. Three others. Across the world. He was working us all in exactly the same way. There’s likely more too.

We all found out about each other thanks to the bravery of one of us. I wasn’t the brave one, but the brave one added me to Instagram and all was revealed.

We pieced it all together and worked out every aspect of his life was a lie. He’d made up a career to fit us all in. Went to extremes to make this made up career seem real.

We both felt completely hurt, shamed, dirty and used. It’s horrible and disgusting.

She’s actually been an incredible support throughout this. As funny as that might be, we have both been through the same thing and understand each other.

Of course, when trying to confront him, he turned it back on me. It was all my fault. That’s what he did best.

I didn’t care. I was out, I was free. Something I knew I wanted to be but didn’t have the strength to be.

I’d lost me. But I was free again.

I’ve found me again. It’s taken time but I made myself focus on me again.

The only thing that’s still tearing me up is that I know he’s still out there, continuing this game with lots of others in his life, and no doubt lots of others girls. Yet there’s nothing I can do to stop him.

I feel helpless that and hurts.

Trust your gut. Be strong. Remember who you are.”

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