Dear Mothers

To mark International Women’s Day I’ve written a little poem.

Dear Mothers,

You are the answer to all his questions

You forget what life was before him

Your nipples bleed

The buses drive past you

You miss him when he sleeps

Your body aches

The phone rarely rings

The nights come too quickly

The sunshine is a gift

The love is overpowering

The worry is fierce

The guilt is ferocious

Your body is no longer yours

Time is an unknown

Your appetite is never satisfied

Your friends become strangers

The people who love you forget

The stairs are too many

His cry is kryptonite

Sleep is a fantasy

Sex hides in the shadow of sleep

Sometimes shadows are your only friend

The sound of his laughter is golden

The feel of his skin

His stunning smallness

You wonder what you did to deserve this prize

You worship all the mothers who have gone before you

Your own mother

She is your mother

You imagine the pain for mothers who have lost

Your ache for people who want to be mothers

He is yours

You are his

On International Women’s Day and every day

You are a mother

I hear you

You make sense to me

You count

You matter

You are strong

You are enough

Together, we are the worlds strongest, most powerful army

We will not be invisible

I see you

Join me on the mission to end maternity discrimination , make motherhood more diverse and make maternity care better for all.

♥️ Call the mothers you know today♥️