How to start writing online

I’ve written this for anyone who wants to use the internet to share their work, ideas and stories in 2019. If you’re thinking about it and you aren’t sure, I’d really love to read something you’ve written! Give it a go.

I’ve been building ideas, stories and tribes online for over 10 years. I’m only now realising it’s something I care about and something I’m good at. I know enough about how productivity and fulfilment work to know this means I should do more of it. So here I am.

Here are four strategies you can use to help you start writing online:

A list works

You’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed by word count, grammar and structuring. One way to combat all three is to start by writing a list. I first come across this idea here and I’ve used the format myself for a very personal blog post that felt hard to write. It definitely takes the pressure off.

Interviews count

Interviewing others is a brilliant way to create content. There have been periods in my life when curation felt more achievable than creation. I’m driven to amplify the voices of others more than I am to build a taller pedestal for myself so this is a format I’m really enjoying right now. You can read the interview series I’ve been working on over here, which was originally inspired by Ella Saltmarshe’s Introductor blog.

You’re not alone

Invite others into your writing. Crowd-sourcing content achieves three things. Firstly, it makes your content richer as it includes more perspectives. Secondly, it’s a way to share your thinking and ideas with people. Thirdly, it’s likely the people who contribute will be excited to read (and share!) your final piece. Janet Hughes did this for a recent post she wrote about how to get started with blogging in the civil service.

Get evidence

“Nobody would want to read that” - maybe that’s true but do you have any evidence of this? Use another digital channel to ask the world the question or ask people you know and trust. Yes, this is okay! I promise. I did this over here and got a great response. Now I’m confident I’m writing a useful post that people do want to read.


I know that there are hundreds, if not millions, of people on this planet who desperately want to share their work, ideas and opinions with others and don’t know where to start. I talk to women who feel this way on a weekly basis. This is informing the content I’m creating for my #upfront online confidence course for people who identify as women - you can register your interest here. There’s also many of you who have a story to tell but don’t have anywhere to put it - I’m hosting anonymous and public stories on my blog and it’s yours to use any time. More on that here.

If you are hungry for more on this topic the best book is Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work (both the images in this post are from this book) There lots of good stuff online but two that are top of my mind are; Jenny Vass’s blog packed with tips and tricks and Cindy Gallop’s video on building a brand.

Now, what’s your burning question about blogging / using the internet to build ideas, stories and tribes?