Progression Podcast; making work fair

Jonny Burch is obsessed with helping makers design their careers. He is the man behind Make Grow and is building Progression and Progression Pack. He kindly invited me and Bud to be part of Progression Podcast, his new podcast series. We talked about work, legacy, confidence and other things. Here’s how you can listen…Thanks for having us Jonny!

This week I chatted to Lauren Currie OBE, a service designer, blogger, passionate advocate of social issues, and managing director of NOBL here in the UK, as well as Bud Caddell, the founder of the California based organisational design consultancy.

We tackle a couple of meaty topics around diversity - how can we as an industry better empathise with and improve diversity in the workplace? Plus we get to hear about the inner machinations of NOBL and the other projects that Lauren is working on.