Redjotter feature on Why Service Design Thinking Podcast

Marina Terteryan is a Service Designer and Design Thinking Ambassador at The Why Lab and co-founder of Good Projects. She's the founder and host of Why Service Design Thinking Podcast. I'd heard great things about Marina and her podcast from dear friends so I was really pleased when we finally managed to meet up in person when Marina was on this side of the world. 


You can listen to Marina's interview with me here where we talk about all things #upfront and confidence for designers. Thank you, Marina, for featuring me and crafting this excellent podcast series. Feedback has been lovely so far... I hope you enjoy! 

I listened to it this morning on my way to work! What a lovely way to start my day by being inspired and realising that ALL designers have important stories to tell.
— Berglind Hauksdottir, Senior Service Designer @Fjord