The redjotter blog is 9 years old today!

Here's a link to what I wrote when my blog was one, two and six. In between, I was busy building and growing Snook so I've missed a few birthdays! I wanted to write something today that would be useful to you - my audience. I drafted 9 lessons learned over 9 years and 9 special people I've met through my blog... but neither felt quite right. My friends reminded me that I started this blog pre-crash, pre-indy ref, pre-brexit and there's something there that I need to spend more time thinking about - one for next years 10th birthday! 

For now, I want to share (again!) the most amazing cake I have ever seen - made a good few years ago by the lovely Kirsty Joan. Thank you to each of you who keep turning up to read what I write and support what I do. I see all of you and I'm very grateful. Things are getting a little more sophisticated around here with sponsored posts, meet ups and a rapidly growing mailing list. This blog is one of the things I've created that I'm most proud of - I'm proud of being consistent. 

The next phase of redjotter will look slightly different again - likely to involve rants about maternity care, and my journey into motherhood. I can't wait - I hope you'll be here. 

Signing off with a nod to Arne who was the spark behind the creation of this blog and to this day is my friend and my collaborator.