♥ Year Here | Recruiting

Thank you to my friend Jack over at Year Here for sponsoring this week's redjotter RSS feed. Year Here is HIRING for two full-time amazing roles;  Head of Talent and Director of Consulting. 

I am a big fan of the work Year Here do and you can read about why over here.

It’s only been a few years since we embarked on our mission to build a platform for people to learn fast and think big about making society better. Since then, we’ve racked up some great results and I’m continuously inspired by our ventures and the brilliant projects our Fellows lead at the frontline of inequality in Britain.

We’re now in a really exciting phase of growth – we’re doubling in size this year – and we need new skills and energy in the team to turbocharge us into this next chapter.

We’re a mission-driven startup, in the business of nurturing other such startups. So, if you’re entrepreneurial and care about making society better in creative and practical ways, we’re the place for you”
— Jack Graham

The Head of Talent role is about finding, nurturing and propelling the most promising early career professionals towards entrepreneurship that genuinely makes a difference. Jack and his team are looking for someone charming as hell, resourceful and bright as a button. You will probably be fairly early in your career but with some decent recruitment experience under your belt. Deadline: Monday 15th May. Download the job ad here

The Director of Consulting role is focused on building out Year Here's social impact consulting business. You will be working on some of the most demanding social innovation challenges in the country, while bringing a new cadre of social leaders into the field. This role is for someone with some solid consulting experience and familiarity of the social innovation field. Deadline: Monday 15th May. Download the job ad here