❤ Sustainable Stand Up | using humour to save the world

Thank you to Belina Raffy, the wonderful woman behind the Sustainable Stand Up comedy course I've just finished, for sponsoring this week's redjotter RSS feed. Belina has just launched two online courses starting on Mar 5 and Mar 15 and YOU are invited.

Redjotter readers get a free 15-minute coaching chat over Skype. Email Belina connect@maffick.com to make it happen and find out more about how the course works and what it feels like.


Too often, ideas that could make the world a better place are presented in sterile, analytical or judgmental ways, making people tune out or trigger a fear-based response. Through a mixture of improvisation and stand up techniques, Sustainable Stand Up brings humour to big, save-the-world topics, helping important ideas become human, extraordinarily memorable – and funny.


The project founder, Belina Raffy, took her first improvisation class and first stand up class in New York in 1996, as a way to escape her boring yet stressful job. Since then, she got an MBA in England, studied with some of the best improvisers on the planet, served on the board of the Applied Improvisation Network, and worked globally with hundreds of people working to save the world in their own way.

I can't recommend this enough. Listen to the tiny voice in your head thinking 'imagine I could do it' YOU CAN. Lots more to come from me on what I learned during this course and when my first open mike night will be ;) 

Photo credit: Steve Cross