Write to Theresa May

Be vocal and be visible. Do something. Our Prime Minster meets Donald Trump tomorrow. Please email Theresa May and ask her to stand up for climate change|women|equality|science|freepress|refugees or whatever you care about when she meets with Donald Trump tomorrow.


You can do this by clicking this link: https://email.number10.gov.uk/

Then share your message using #maywehaveaword and ask 5 other people to do this too. Memes and videos are funny but they don't get the message to the right places, official emails do.

Here is text you can copy and paste if you wish: 


On Friday, you are not just representing a country. You have a chance to represent every woman and girl in the world. 

When you meet the President, you have a choice in how you will be viewed and how you will be remembered. 

Because the world will be watching you.  

And future generations will be studying you. 

Stand up for our rights. Stand up for our ability to make choices about our bodies. Stand up against racism, so we can live without fear. Stand up for freedom of speech, so we have a voice. Stand up for equality, so we can love who we choose. Stand up for action against climate change, so we have a future.

Love, The Women who marched in London