Marching for Humanity. Now and always.

Today I marched with 40,000 people for Europe. This march is not anti-democracy nor is it about demanding a second referendum - it’s about HOW this referendum took place, HOW our leaders have responded to the result and HOW I feel about my future.

I sent one tweet on my way to Park Lane saying today saying “I will hold onto my fury and I will stand up for love” I featured a picture of my painted blue face with gold stars (which is challenging to do when you are very hungover) 

The first abusive tweet came my way at 9.30am and they are still coming in droves right now. I’ve been told to fuck up, shut up and grow up. I’ve been called a man, a spastic, a whore, a bitch, a racist and a facist. I’ve been told to deal with it, accept it, move on and forget about it. People have threatened me with violence and sexual assault. 

I will never give up.


I’m ashamed and angry that in the UK’s largest city where 2.26 million people voted to remain in the EU only 40,000 people showed up, stood up and celebrated togetherness today. 

I am so proud and full of love for every single person who marched today; adorned in colour, full of smiles and hope. For each and every single person who saw how my tears had changed my face paint and smiled at me, held eye contact that few seconds longer or said thank you for fighting - I’m so grateful. I’m so thankful for all the kind messages of support I’ve been sent.

I will never forget how it felt to stand with hundreds of people and shout “shame on you” at 10 downing street. I will never forget hearing how a father replied when his small child asked him why the people were shouting shame - “because the men lied.” I will never forget what they did.

Too many people are forgetting. We cannot accepting this as our new reality. Too few are not willing to ‘wait and see what happens’. Too many are sitting down. It’s time to stand up. 

The hatred is real. Fucking hell I felt it today more than I ever have in my whole life and it’s terrifying. 

Talking is not good enough. Waiting to see what happens isn’t an option. I understand it's complex; there are legal implications that suggest waiting around article 50 and the definition of a referendum but that is no reason to be quiet. 

Love must win. 


If you want something to do here are some suggestions: 

1. Join We Are Europe

2. Write a letter to the future of England at Dearest England

3. Join the new economy organisers network an independent network of activists

4. If there isn’t a march in your city - looking at you Glasgow pals - organise one. If you don't know how mail me and I'll find someone who does.

5. Attend this post-brexit alliance meeting next Tuesday in London

6. I’m thinking about building a ‘how to protest kit’ (including re-usable, foldable sign, tips and tricks and historical facts) if you think this is a good idea and can help let me know.

7. I’m facilitating a group of people who are building a how to guide for how to have a one to one conversation with a racist - if you can help let me know.

8. I know a hell of a lot of designers and makers who really like to talk about changing the world. Now is your chance. The world needs coders, makers, story tellers, visualisers, illustrators, film makers, artists and more to bring form to their ideas and help us imagine a better future. Step up. Don't know how - email me and I'll help.

9. Write to your MP and ask them to vote the result down

10. Join thousands of people taking small actions to make democracy better for everyone. Free and non-partisan at The Democracy Club

11. Ed Saperia from Newspeak House has created an open list of Post-Referendum Projects or activities that people have either started or which people are discussing right now

Don’t leave anyone behind. Regardless of how they voted. Humanity must win. 


This post is dedicated to the powerful women who marched by my side today - Laura Sowman, Cassie Robinson, Roxana Bacian and Ella Saltmarshe.