#35 The Workwear Designer

Aimee Harrison has been working as a project manager in the creative industry for the past 6 years. She started Line Cut Supply last year because she saw a huge opportunity to make ethical workwear for women who have been traditionally underserved by the chasm between boiler suits and trouser suits. Here's what she has to say...


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt over the last year?

Everything takes longer than you think it will. Especially if it’s your own work and you’re a perfectionist. I come from a delivery background and thought I’d be able to plan and scope my own time. Nope. I’ve easily spent two times longer than I thought I would on pretty much everything I’ve done. I think it’s important to understand the limits of your own capabilities and be realistic with what you can achieve in what timeframe.

What’s your burning question of the moment?

Are consumers willing and able to invest in ethically and well made clothing or have their perceptions of the true cost of clothing been forever skewed by fast fashion and cheap labour? When I started making garments I was completely blown away by the amount of effort that goes into the whole thing! It’s difficult to convey that when people are so far removed from the end product.


What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen/ heard/ read in the last year?

Elizabeth Suzann are a Nashville based design studio and clothing production house. I’ve watched their company expand incredibly quickly. Now they employ around 12 people locally and are bringing beautiful ethically produced clothing to the mass market. So much respect.

What would be your one piece of advice to students out there?

If you’re doing what you believe to be the right thing, then not much else matters. I’ve been wholeheartedly disenchanted with the fast fashion industry for such a long time, it gets to a point where you just have to do something about it.  I’d also say don’t be afraid of venturing into a new industry, even if that industry is daunting or seemingly impenetrable. Everyone has to start somewhere and people aren’t nearly as intimidating as you think they are. My final piece of advice is just to show up every day and do your best, if you do that then there can be no regrets later down the line.