Redjotter rundown

This is a list of ideas, people and projects that I stand behind. Read why I'm publishing these lists here.

Why I live in mortal dread of public speaking. A must watch TED Talk by Megan Washington.

I wish I could be at Bird Song's Concept Store launch party in London on the 15th Dec. Who wouldn't want to hang out in a feminist superstore?

Jennifer Armburst is writing and talking about feminist business models (which is an interesting concept although I'm still struggling to make sense of the site itself) and I like this poster she has made. (thanks for the link Abby Rose)


Yes! An older women's co-housing community in London.  (thanks for the link Ellie

Do you dare to share the full story? Lovely and important social media campaign to encourage people to be more honest online here.

If you want to stand for something, you can't stand for everything. Relentlessly trimming what's on offer, combined with a resolute willingness to say, "no," are two characteristics of great brands. And linchpins, too. Well said Seth.

I'll be marching for women on 21st of Jan. Non-women are invited to march too. Let's do this! 

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressors
— Desmond Tutu

Mighty Good Things allows people to donate used household items to fund any charity they want.

Now Teach was set up in 2016  to encourage people who have already had one successful career to retrain as teachers. 

There are a few tickets left for our #upfront confidence workshop in the new year and YES these sessions are for introverts and extroverts! Grab your ticket here.

The image featured is from This is Jane: a charming photo series that displays the empowerment of women. 

We wanted to produce something strong and empowering for women, touching on the vulnerability of being alone.

Bread & Roses was set up to tackle the social and financial isolation that women refugees and asylum seekers experience as a consequence of unemployment. If you are hosting a Christmas party or buying a Christmas wreath go here! 

Very excited to be on the hunt for a super star to come work with me at Good Lab

On my mission to create #upfront power pants I stumbled across The Little Black Pants Club and I love what they are doing.

I'll be using this year compass to help me close 2016 and plan 2017. I've used it for three years in a row now and highly recommend it.

I'm going to spend the next few days in Paris. I'm thinking about hosting a Shero dinner to meet new women living in Paris - ping me if you know anyone who should be there. 

Paris is always a good idea
— Audrey Hepburn

Emily's list works hard to put women into public office in the USA.

A wee video looking back at the Service Design Hong Kong conference...huge thank you again to Patti and Kristen for having me.

This week I spoke at Citizen's Advice Design Lunch about the work we are doing at Good Lab. Thanks Niall, Laura and Aiden for having me. 


I hosted a second redjotter meet up last week and intend to do so every month. 

Thanks so much for a lovely evening. It was great to meet some new faces, and to see the links between everyone and what they do!

Happy to announce our #upfront confidence celebration and diversity party on the 2nd of Feb will be sponsored by Age of No Retirement. We're inviting people who have sat on the #upfront couch all over the UK to take to the stage for the very first time. Get your free ticket here.

I intend to spend more time like Julia and less time on screens over the next couple of weeks. Afterall, time off is powerful.


I interviewed Sophie Slater, co-founder of Bird Song over here #46 The Ethical Fashion Designer.

This is my fifth run down since committing to publishing one every week for six weeks (here's a link to the first, second, third and fourth. Any feedback would be more than welcome.