Redjotter rundown

This is a list of ideas, people and projects that I stand behind. Read why I'm publishing these lists here.

Lisa Donati's mugs made me smile. Alot. To be told to "Bile yer Heid" or Boil Your Head, is to be told not to be so ridiculous or to be so absurd. Can also be used as a term of exclamation if someone is doing something stupid and its annoying to you. Pure Scots.


I keep coming back to Kevin Slavin's essay in MIT's Journal of Science and Design; Design as participation. It explores what it means to design adaptive systems in a user-centered design world and articulates why we need to move beyond 'user centered design'.

What would happen if one company dominated the internet? We've got until spring to read the book before the film comes out.

What does a confidence party look like? Find out and come and join us as we celebrate one year of #upfront. 

I want to laser cut banners! What would your's say and where might I do this in London? 

Free desks and support for under 25 year old makers at Makerversity.

January Moon has created the world's first wearable art for mothers and babies. 

It drives me crazy me that people (grown up homo sapiens) continue to be late and don't apologise (this etiquette still stands for organised online conversations folks!) Love this advice from a "leadership" writer. Be two minutes early and always have a clock facing you when in a meeting. 

I'm spending more time listening to and learning from funny women like Sofie Hagen and Mitra Jouhari. Who's on your funny people list? 

Who in your world is peerless? adjective 1.having no equal; matchless; unrivalled. David Attenborough was the suggestion of Steve Bridger.


The BBC want to create another Planet Earth before David turns 100.

Every Month creates Every Month Period Packs, which contain sanitary products and a sachet of hot chocolate, and distributes them to food banks, shelters and charities throughout the city of Manchester. Thank you for the work you do.


I'll be buying a new red jotter for 2017 and intend to read this book for the second time. It has been banned in schools, made into a film and an opera, and the title has become a shorthand for repressive regimes against women

Adaptive Path launched a Guide to Blueprinting.

Equality for women isn't a women's issue. Watch Sophie Walker's speech. The key thing for me is their prioritisation of childcare. It's shameful that no other party is taking universal childcare seriously. Everybody was a child once. Thank you for the work you do Sophie. 

A nice piece from VP of product at Facebook reminded me of my early product design days, how design is changing and the important truth that no service or product should ever make anyone feel stupid. 

If you believe it’s not your fault that you’re confused, if you feel “the tech-savvy one” is a shitty concept, if you think anyone in the world should be empowered to do anything, then you believe we can design it better.

We can design it better.

And so we will”
— Julie Zhuo

If you are looking for a book to gift or read over the holidays I'd highly recommend Glenda Jackson's autobiographyGlenda walked out on Hollywood in her prime to become a backbench member of parliament and stuck at it for 23 years. And is now choosing to celebrate her ninth decade by returning to the stage as raging King Lear. Amazing.

If I’m too strong for some people, that’s their problem.”
— Glenda Jackson

What is it that makes us human? Is it that we love, that we fight? That we laugh? Cry? Our curiosity? The quest for discovery? This beautiful film series asks these questions. 

If you know someone who is lonely, sad or in need of a hug send them a Buddy Box. Part of Blurt built to help people with depression by my friend Jayne Hardy.

If you’re creating something new, something the world needs, please take care of yourself. We need you more than you know. You are loved.”
— Tom Dawkins

This rundown experiment has led to me thinking about this blog; what it has been, what it is now, and what it has the potential become. One thing all my ideas require is to better understand the audience; who are you lovely people who visit these pages? What do you care about, and how might I help you? The other thing most of my ideas require is financing - I'm a big fan of starting things to find out what the business model might be through doing. However, some of my bigger business ideas will require a significant resource to get off the ground. Here's my proposal: 

I have been asked to mention events, companies, and jobs, so I'd like to do more of this and do it better by taking on sponsorships and advertisements for this blog. Here is a list of things that connect with the 1000 plus unique visitors Redjotter receives on average per month:

  • Service design jobs, events and news 
  • Socially driven projects across the public, private and third sector
  • Design courses from one-day courses to university degree courses
  • Events related to design, education, democracy, feminism...
  • Design books or publications
  • Products or software the enable creativity, organisation and the building of ideas
  • Things related to: public speaking, diversity, equality, systems change, experience design and social innovation.

Here are some options for those of you with products, events or businesses (or something I've not thought of) you'd like to feature on this blog:

  1. The Black Package: This package includes one sponsored post and basic social media promotion with one link on Facebook and Twitter. The Black Package costs £25. Buy The Black Package here
  2. The Silver Package: This package includes everything from the Black package above, plus 2 promotions for the post on Instagram. The Silver Package costs £50. Buy The Silver Package here   
  3. The Red Package: This package includes everything from the Black and Silver packages, plus 2 additional promotions each on Facebook and Twitter, over the course of the week. The Red Package costs £75. Buy The Red Package here

I'll write a “Thank You Sponsors” blog post, once a month to send additional traffic and links your way, with dedicated opinions from me. If you are interested and would like to have a conversation about this email me on 

This blog naturally costs energy, time, and money. I will always give away what I write and what I think. Most importantly, I will always strive to support others who are doing work I believe in.  I'm not interested in creating payment walls or subscription fees but I will ask you this:

If you find value or inspiration in this blog, then please consider donating an amount of your choice...

This is my sixth run down since committing to publishing one every week for six weeks. Here's a link to the first, second, third, fourth and fifth. 

You said nice things. I enjoyed the craft. Thank you. This is the start of something. 

— Niall Smith
A great series - much more nuanced than most”
— Holly June Smith
Fast becoming essential weekly reading”
— Professor Mike Press

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