Redjotter rundown

This is a list of ideas, people and projects that I stand behind. Read why I'm publishing these lists here.

This team are on a mission is to inspire and enable more women and girls to explore sound and music technology. 

Winnie Harlow, one of the world's most recognisable models, talks to the BBC's 100 Women season about confidence, being patronised and refusing to be defined by her skin.

I’m not brave. I’m confident
— Winnie Harlow

You can donate the sound of your voice for someone that is voiceless. Fascinating. (via SwissMiss)

My friend Cassie has started a 'Friends with Benefits' whatsapp group. It's for her friends who are not currently in a relationship or who have less conventional set-ups where live-in, full-time romantic partners are not the norm. The purpose is to offer each other practical support (eg. a lift home from hospital) and help with stuff (eg. moving house) that people with partners take for granted. Start one for your friends and let me know how it goes. 

The Salvation Army is defending their decision to ban gay members. If you are supporting a charity this Christmas please choose another one! (via Carrie Bishop)

I desperately want to visit The Wing; The Wing was born out of the belief that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together.  (Thank you Holly for sharing)

Would you buy #upfront power pants? What would you want them to say? Tell me on twitter.

My team at Good Lab are hiring a leader for a start up that has the potential to transform how we care. 

Join this movement for positive media.

Here are some phrases we use that unintentionally erase trans non-binary people.

I was #upfront at Fuck Up Night sponsored by Azuko for Giving Tuesday. I shared my stage with Katie Crepeau, Emily Kell and Caitlin Hicks.

Being #upfront was a powerful, emotional experience. Having no pressure to speak allowed me to really feel the anxiety and nervousness that I suppress when I speak. I was able to observe the stage, Lauren’s slides, notes, and sometimes make eye contact with audience members, which seem to be a blur when I’ve spoken in the past. It was a chance to just “be” in a foreign, uncomfortable place without any pressure to perform or impress.
— Katie

It's not only conference stages that lack diversity. Andrew Lloyd Webber has said he fears for the survival of British theatre unless it reflects the diversity of the nation’s population, referring to the industry as still ‘hideously white’.

My pals Kiera and Nils  shot and recorded this on an iPhone whilst travelling on the Trans-Mongolian railway in 2013. It's now going to be screened at Glasgow Film Theatre as part of #BluePrint - a platform promoting independent short film makers in Scotland. Wonderful news.

I love this little series by my friend Alice Osborne who is interviewing people on ageing. 

On Friday morning this dropped into my feed (hat tip to my very own diversity detective Jonathan Baldwin) so I had a responsibility to share my outrage, concern and utter disbelief that a conference team think it's okay to have a playboy magazine in their goody bag. In the afternoon, they apologised removed the bags and released a statement. Small wins.


Complete this assessment by Harvard Business Review to see what issues you can address to quell your fears and improve your stage presence. 

Awesome job alert! Thames Valley Housing is hiring a senior service designer. 

Happy birthday to my beautiful mama this weekend. Buy this balloon here.


I often write emails in text edit so I don't get distracted my by inbox. Turns out there's an app for that. Compose enables you to send emails without distraction.

Here's to Michelle Obama and her sheer awesomeness...

This is my fourth run down since committing to publishing one every week for six weeks (here's a link to the firstsecond and third. Any feedback would be more than welcome. 

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