Redjotter rundown

This is a list of ideas, people and projects that I stand behind. Read why I'm publishing these lists here.

Three cheers for Aimee Harrison , woman of steel, for taking a stand on pockets. 

I agree with Dallas Clayton: Your honesty is your power

I spend a lot of time supporting people to go outside their comfort zone so I took a big leap out of mine last night by signing up to Belina Raffy's stand up comedy course.

The noise of trump has led to me missing some important news from around the world.  The Indian government is taking the 500 and 1000 rupee notes out of circulation bills, aiming to shrink the country’s vast, informal “black” economy.  Many are stranded without enough money to eat. Oh, and Richard Branson bought some of the NHS.

Ali McGill was #upfront at This is Milk, sharing his power with Nicky Logue and Nikki Slowey.

Next week Ella Saltmarshe and her business partners are inviting you to share their experiences and learnings from Setting up a Systems Change Lab

I ran an experiment to test a way of bringing new people together and it worked. Try it yourself.

Massive congratulations to the team at We Are Europe and Kin and Co for winning Best PR Campaign. We Are Europe had asked Kin and Co to create a big media splash to provoke younger generations (18-35) into voting - with four working days and a total budget of £1500. Excellent work.


Amazing job alert for self-identifying women in Greater London. I'm a big fan of the work Fearless Futures does to help people understand and challenge gender and interconnected inequalities.

We all need more positive news. I recommend subscribing to the Positive News Magazine for constructive journalism and optimism.


I interviewed Jayne Hilditch over here and she's asking an important question: how do we do immigration well?

Dr. Naomi Wolf is running Global Voice Training. To enrich democracy worldwide, we need every person around the world to be empowered with effective communication tools and to be literate about global platforms, and to make sure all voices are truly heard. 

I sent some flowers last week. It made me feel good and brightened the days of a few others. If you are going to give it a try, I love this new start-up Bloom and Wild who are finally delivering flowers better.

Don't hate the media. Change it. Yes for Stop Funding Hate. Thank you Lego for being the first to take a stand.

This charity teaches people from all walks of life how to campaign; from people fighting their own deportation to neighbours who want to change their community.

We're running an #upfront confidence workshop for self identifying women in London in the new year. Start your new year with confidence and get your tickets here.

This speech from Deborah Francis White

Heist are reimagining tights. They have removed all the stitching from all the places you don't want stitching to be. Now, why I didn't I think of that? Well done Heist. 


Love letters to the First Lady who may have changed history in the most powerful way — by example.

Because she said what she thought, and because she smiled only when she felt like smiling...

PS. This is my first run down since committing to publishing one every week for six weeks. Any feedback to help me understand what works well and what might be better would be useful.