Redjotter Rundown

I commit to publishing a rundown every week for the next 6 weeks. I will publish it on a Sunday evening and the content will be a rundown of the previous week. This is an experiment. It's a way for me to publicly poke myself to dig a bit deeper. The content will be new things (ideas, people, projects) that I can stand behind. 

I'm doing this for three reasons:

  • I'm choosing to influence how people take a stand; how people take responsibility of connecting, leading and sharing. 
  • I want to meet new people who are raising the bar and asking hard questions. Twitter isn't leading to many new offline relationships and I've not been to a really good event since TedX Brum so I hope this might change that.
  • I'm choosing to be more intentional. I'm often overwhelmed by the noise online and I hope this is a way for me to focus on absorbing content and reflecting on few things as opposed to scanning the surface of many things

To help me curate these rundowns I'd like you to answer these three questions in the comments:

  • What would you miss about this blog if it disappeared? 
  • What is your burning question no one is asking?
  • What blogs do you keep going back to and why?

For those of you that have been engaging with this blog for months or years, please share this post with ten friends you care about. 

Here's to writing to make a difference.