What Matters Most

What matters most to you ? I've been asking myself this question because I am planning some personal projects. I really believe they are the only way to grow and define yourself as an individual. As part of this thinking I’ve been asking myself the usual questions like what makes me come alive? What do I love? What makes me happy? but I reckon asking myself what do I hate not doing is more revealing…. redjotter_1

I hate not shipping

Shipping, to me, is one of the most important parts of being alive and contributing. We have so many ideas – websites, services, books, events but if they stay inside our heads they will make no difference at all. I must prioritise shipping.

I hate not dancing

Dancing is one of my favourite things.  When I dance I disappear into something bigger, something safe, a space without analyzing and judging. When you dance you can find out what your hands, your shoulders, your elbows, knees and, most importantly, your hips and feet have to say about something. I must try and dance everyday.

I hate not diving deep

Getting deep inside a problem takes time. You have to immerse yourself in the context, the systems and the realities. This was the best bit of university for me – having months to grapple with one problem. The last time I had this luxury was when we built MyPolice and I realize I need to get it back again. I must narrow my focus and go deep.

What do you hate NOT doing?

This article was originally written for The Carrier.