You tell me

I'm good at saying what I think - not always at the right time which can sometimes get me into trouble but I don't bottle things up and I like to think people close to me always know where they stand. Sometimes I wish they were better at saying what they feel - speaking up when something ( or me ) was annoying or hurting or frustrating them.  Now there is an app for that! YouTell is a new and innovative way to give and receive feedback anonymously. Imagine we could have almost 'performance reviews' with friends and loved ones - afterall, the people who love you are the people who can help you become the very best version of you right? The article featuring YouTell explains nicely how to have those types of conversations:

  • Ask them to keep it actionable: The one way this whole process can go horribly wrong is if people attack you for things outside your control. Most good friends should know that when you're asking for some help you don't need to hear about how they're annoyed because your feet are too big, but make it clear from the start what you're looking for.
  • Ask them to offer solutions with the critique: In addition to keeping it actionable, ask for help finding a solution too. The whole point of figuring out where and how you're accidentally being a jerk to people is to make it so you can improve on those aspects.
  • Listen and don't talk: Finally, don't talk during this process. You're going to want to spend a lot of time explaining or defending yourself. Shut up and listen to what your friends tell you...

Who would be the first person on your YouTell list?