Evolution Us

I want to introduce Evolution Us ; a new Scottish initiative set up by design student Craig Morrison

"We are group of friends who decided to start a graphic design blog to keep in touch when we all go our separate ways after education. Some of us are attending further education across Scotland and some of us have taken the next step and got a job. Someone has got to pay for the hosting!We all have our own individual skills within graphic design and separately we aspire to achieve excellence, but together we are a force to be reckoned with. This blog is our way of showing the industry what we can do and why they should be aware of us; amongst other things.

So we welcome you all to follow us, subscribe to us, watch us….Evolve!"

This is a fantastic example of students doing things for themselves and working towards getting what they want! Initially these guys began posting their own work to show 'the world' what they were working on. Then the networking began and they started to interview other creatives and use the platform to showcase their work too!
"It gives us a way of showing our work and telling everyone a bit about ourselves. This is what students often don't get the chance to do"
They are causing their own little stir on  twitter too!
They have exciting ideas for future developments! Craig intends to design a new feature that will enable people to email him and recommend students or young creatives they want to see on Evolution Us.Do you want to be featured on Evolution Us or become a guest blogger? Do it!