Snook's wee service tipple

Incase you missed this over at Snook here is information on the first ever Scottish Service Design Drinks.
"We've been asked what the title means, if you're not familiar with 'oor Scots verse, then please take note;
'oor = our
wee = small
tipple = drink (whiskey most likely)
When we launched Snook in November we mentioned us holding a service design drinks;
Q: How do you get a Scotsman on the roof?

A: Tell him drinks are on the house!

The notion of Scottish Service Design Drinks is something that has been on our minds for quite a while now, it was reinvigorated meeting Nick Marsh back in November and we decided we would like to hold a get together in Scotland with people involved in the service design industry up North.

We had joked for a while that it would be just the two of us and wondered who might want to come along and join us, be it from the Snook kitchen if numbers were small.  But we've been making friends quickly and one group of them kindly put together some words for us;

"As the new guys on the block Skills Development Scotland are keen to build contacts within the Design network in Scotland. We are a new public sector organisation currently leading on a number of major projects using design thinking as an approach to change and are keen to build relationships both within the public and private sector.  This informal event will allow us to start to get to know what’s happening out there and begin to highlight opportunities of working together."

It will be informal and a chance for us all to ‘blether’ over some drinks about what we all do and how we might all work together in the future.  And to be clear, everyone is welcome, this is service design, but as a discipline, let's practice what we preach and welcome everyone, afterall, we can't grow without forming new partnerships!

So we've agreed, on Friday 23rd April, Waxy O Conners Pub, Glasgow at 5pm in the library section (don't be fooled by the library, it is inside a pub) It is perfect to end the week, and we’re not putting a curfew on it, we’ll be there most of the evening.  Look out for more info on twitter by following #sddrinks or @wearesnook and we'll be posting it up on

Sign up on our eventbrite here"

10 points to the first to arrive with a tartan bow tie on...