the end of design

Tomorrow night at 6pm, an exciting lecture by Professors Tom Inns and Mike Press is taking place in Dundee. This lecture accompanies the Masters of Design Exhibition which showcases the work of my project.

Modern design has run its course. The challenges of our age demands a new design; in place of designing for desire we should design for inclusion, understanding and real world problem solving. The power of design thinking presents us with new opportunities for the future.

As Scotland's top rated institution for research design, the University of Dundee is uniquely placed to set out a new vision for the future of design. In this special lecture, Professors Tom Inns and Mike Press - both internationally acknowledged writers, researchers and broadcasters on design - provide a provocative and visionary of design in the 21st Century.

Evidence of this new design is seen in the work of this year's graduating Masters of Design students. The lecture accompanies their masters exhibition, providing vital contexts and insights into their work. Together, the lecture and exhibition emphasise Dundee's unique approach to the research and practice of design.

Tickets are available from University Online store and the Tower Building Reception.

Professor Mike Press is a fantastic speaker and has been a strong inspiration throughout my MDes year. Mike and I were part of the T3 team!


Professor Tom Inns has been my project mentor this year and has been a major influence - I am really inspired by the way Tom makes sense of complexity through metaphors and language!

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This should not be missed!