Aberdeen visualises design thinking

c4di are an enterprise associated with Robert Gordon University to assist small to medium sized companies (SMEs) in Scotland by helping them to develop their innovation strategies. The centre’s approach to innovation is based on human centred design methods applied to business and new technologies. They are currently working on a project to map people's understanding of design thinking. The plan is to develop a visualization of design thinking, based on the answers to the following questions:

* what is your interpretation of the term design thinking? * why (or do?) do you believe design thinking is important? * what do you think are the qualities of a design thinker? * how can design thinking benefit SMEs? * which innovative SMEs are currently using design thinking?

On behalf of Graham, the principle designer of c4di, I would like to put these questions to you. Perhaps this is a opportunity for us to gather our thoughts on recent debates!

DSC00008"Our internal worlds can be liberating or limiting." Paul Hughes

Email me your answers directly or add them as a comment and I will pass them on to c4di.