Experience Service Design

This September, I am embarking upon an adventure to Finland. The Kuopio Academy of Design at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Finland is hosting a service design conference on September 7-9, 2009. "We are inviting the participants to innovate new service concepts and solutions by applying service design methods. Day one is about service design thinking, getting ready to innovate, listening and tuning the tools. Days two and three will be about learning, using the service design tools and developing new ones. We'll invite 15 participants to each workshop to create new service solutions and concepts. Each workshop will receive a SERVICE CHALLENGE."


The conference will be structured around keynote presentations on the 7th of September and will continue with three practical service design workshops facilitated by myself, Arne and Stefan . Keynotes will be delivered by service design professionals, including Professor Birgit Mager from KISD and Associate Professor Nicola Morelli from Aalbog University.

Attendance is free. Sign up by contacting minna.merivalo [at] savonia.fi and regular updates are posted here: www.experience-servicedesign.com

What does a service design challenge look like to you?