A call for Service!

People are often curious as to where the name 'redjotter' came from...here is the answer :) When I was nine years old I re wrote all my stories into a hard bound red book. I dug it out for part of my research for my Masters work to  spend a few days looking over old pieces of writing work. I was asked to create a piece of 'intelligent journalism'.  Inspired by an awful accident and emergency experience I recently had in England the focus of my piece is why the NHS needs service design. image160

I took this image on my mobile phone in Stoke and Mandeville accident and emergency unit. Here is a snapshot of my story:

"Here's a question for you. When we are in the middle of the worst recession since World War Two, who would you expect to help make health services better? The nurses who have given up complaining? The doctors who wouldn’t admit their own family to their ward? NHS Chiefs who are driven by targets over patient safety? Or designers who work behind the scenes to explore what patients really need from the systems and processes that govern the delivery of services?"

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