I would like to introduce you all to the wonderful : Things don't have to be rubbish "The world has got a bit rubbish recently. Our relationship with stuff has become temporary, throw away, on a losing tip. Now is our moment to start making and using things better. The first step is easy: tell the world about the stuff you treasure, why you care, and why you Kept it"

Kept was created in 2009, by a group of designers, writers, policymakers and business folks; thought-leaders and change-heeders who want a world where products can bring joy without filling the world with rubbish. "We believe in getting the most out of things: that there is delight, nobility even in keeping treasured things and not simply buying new."

Kept’s mission is to:

  • Help people to reduce waste
  • Make it easier for companies to ‘Make Things Better’
  • Keep things out of landfill and in fashion


So how can you help and get more involved? Well, the first bit is easy: they are asking us to tell them our stories about all the beautiful things that we are keeping, and why!

You can do this in two ways - either enter your story straight onto, or if you use twitter just add #kept to your story. It's that simple!