Self service job centre

The School of Life is reinventing itself as an alternative job centre throughout April. "We're inviting turning the usual way jobs are advertised on its head. Rather than invite employers to advertise jobs for us to squeeze our ourselves into, we’re inviting you to write  an ad for the job of your dreams, and let employers decide if they are able to offer it to you"


The instructions are simple:

Write your personal job ad, which advertises to the world the kind of person you are and what you care about.

Make sure that your ad includes:

•  Your name or pseudonym (and maybe a personal motto) •  Personal qualities •  Talents •  Values and ambitions •  Anything else you wish (e.g. I want a job that where I laugh a lot, would like to use my Spanish, work abroad, expected salary) •  How you can be contacted

Send in your ads via the blog, or e-mail them to

This is an exciting and very apt idea. Looking forward to reading the entries and submitting my own!