Service Thinking

Livework's perspective on Service Thinking is creating infectious enthusiasm. Ralf Beuker, Nick Marsh,David Armano and Experientia have all highlighted Liveworks latest article - which discusses Service Thinking.

"The future demands fresh perspectives. Service Thinking provides just that."

The focus of the article is on people, networks and sustainability.


"Consider three pressing issues: healthcare, the environment, and finance. They are all vital to the quality of our lives. Yet in all three areas we have reached the limits of industrial thinking. In the future, the solutions lie with a service approach.

The goal of Service Thinking and Service Design is to maximise the potential of services and to create shared value for organisations and their customers. This value is measured in the personal, social and environmental capital created by great services. At live|work we call this value Service Equity. And this, we believe, is the future."