Service thinking in the NHS

Livework's Ben Reason applies service thinking to recently published NHS report  High Quality Care for All by Lord Darzi. On Saturday night, my eyes were opened to the vast difference between the accident and emergency services offered in Scotland and England. The latter offering an appalling 'service'...

The prime minister introduces the report: "Lord Darzi’s report is a tremendous opportunity to build an NHS that provides truly world class services for all. It requires Government to be serious about reform, committed to trusting frontline staff and ready to invest in new services and new ways of delivering services. It is a bold vision for an NHS which is among the best healthcare systems in the world – a once in a generation opportunity that we owe it to ourselves and our families to take."


"... services need to be more effectively designed around the needs of children and families, delivered not just in health settings but also in schools and children’s centres."

"Let’s make the shift to service thinking, embrace personalization and start designing for Darzi."

This is article represents the huge challenge that service designers face. it also portray the urgency for change and the true understanding of patient experience.