Douceurs for RSA

degreeshow In December I collated all the work I did for my honours project Douceurs and developed a project website to show all the research, development and service design stages. I have entered this into the RSA Design Directions 2008/2009 brief, After the Post Office:

"Britain faces high levels of post office closures. In the face of new technologies, far greater choice in how services are accessed and changing lifestyles, people are visiting post offices less, making the present level of service unsustainable. However, it remains the case that in many communities, the local post office still plays an important social and economic role.

In this context, the project seeks to uncover a new service designed to replace the post office or an aspect of it, taking into account its formal and more informal role. Questioning their role and relevance may lead to some surprising and innovative responses"

See the full project here (and wish me luck!) The short-lists are announced in April :)