Everything is connected

Our class spent this morning with sustainability expert Hamid Van Koten, director of Design History, Theory and Practice at Dundee University. We covered very interesting topics such as the reality that as society modernizes it fragments. Hamid advised 'we are at a peak moment in history' and designers need to be creating in conjunction with our environment.  dsc02113 My sketch book page from the lecture:


This led us onto our new class project: Rituals. My team got off to a productive start today, I will be working with an ethnographer for the first time!


"It is 2108. You are thinkers in a new society. How has the world developed over the last century?"

Our task is to envision the future 100 years from now and develop ideas for a new society. Considering forms of government, the relationship between states, trade and finance, food production and distribution,  health care, education, technology and inter-personal relationships.

At the moment I am drawn towards the future of education and inter-personal relationships. This project only lasts a very short two weeks...I will be posting our progress and final outcomes.

The key skill I want to develop throughout this project is visualisation and story telling...making the intangible tangible!