School Gates

"Why too much homework doesn't work" is an interesting article from TimesOnline.

The comments are worth a read, in particular from the Year 10 GCSE student:

Many of the briefs I got in first and second year required me to 'design a poster' and I must admit I still have a reaction similar to James. I find I learn much more writing an essay or talking to others about a subject, than creating a poster. I often think leaving the poster making to the experts is best, unless you know your stuff about graphics and typography etc. posters generally look pretty awful. Although, it's not about the visuals is it? it is about the content and what you learn? The Wikipedia movement is really interesting...How can we show students how and when to use Wikipedia for their own benefit?

I liked this pupils idea for an assignment for English : Look up emotive words to do with 'culture'.