Deserve your dream

This fantastic article "Deserve your dream" written by Mariano Amatullo, features in Core77 this week.

It is very much linked with the ideas I am exploring for Design Studies module - the responsibility of being a designer and the reality that designers can change the world.

"Despite, and perhaps because of, the world being in such turmoil, this is a very exciting time for design and designers. I firmly believe that with an expanded tool kit, designers can be instrumental contributors to a conversation about the future that it is getting increasingly layered and multidisciplinary."

This video was directed by Jonas Mayhabb


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"So when I'm feeling optimistic I imagine the next generation of designers seeing their professional work primarily as an opportunity to change the world. A lofty thought, I know, but that's the way the generational wind is blowing."

"Octavio Paz, the Mexican writer, poet and diplomat, once famously said: "Deserve your dream." These words resonate simultaneously with a sense of hope and responsibility. They also represent fundamental advice and inspiration that I take to heart with the start of each new project, as we seek to achieve our most important dreams through design."