We all use processes all of the time. To prove this we were asked to map out a process from our personal life. Map it out in such a way that it would enable someone else to carry out the process sufficiently. Following a process is an integral part of how many companies work - all designers have their own 'design process'.

I discovered that the 'process of describing' is a very important part of communication. Although, there are certain things you can only learn by doing : like tying your shoe laces and driving.

So using the langauge that we have been learning about strategy and mindfulness etc. I mapped out my process of making breakfast.

  • Key decision making: toast, cereal, strawberries
  • Analyse emotional well being: level of tiredness and sensitivity
  • Functionality: temperature outside
  • Time is the key factor

So how would I make this process better? Add diversity

The processes described throughout the class were all similar...proving we all go through the same processes every day. Where the process idea really gets interesting is when thinking about the Design Process..