New Dictionary Service

Livework has been working with the team at Wordia. Wordia is a multimedia dictionary that merges the traditional dictionary with user generated definitions of words through video. This website has been backed by bebo founder Michael Birch and was launched on Thursday 18th of September.

This new site is a platform of opportunity for thinkers and designers to get their voice heard. There are no definitions for nearly every design discipline I could think of. Let's get on it!

This is the next-generation online dictionary; a ‘visual dictionary’ video repository that encourages members of the public to contribute to a collective pool of produced and user-generated video dictionary definitions.

Just like a traditional online dictionary, allows users to search for the spelling, meaning and etymology of a word, but is more than just a dictionary: it’s a destination where anyone can upload their own personal meaning of any word - where you can discover what a word means to a complete stranger, suggest for someone to define a word that you’re intrigued by etc.

I love it.