Personal Travel

This story written by Samantha Frietas, tells her story of travelling on a over-crowded bus every day in an unfamiliar country. Such honest and genuine accounts of such experiences are often hard to find... "I sometimes take myself out of the overwhelming and usually exhausting situation and find it very surreal. Like a scene out of a movie, there are people coughing, babies crying and people shouting on their cell phones - it seems like total chaos, yet if you look around at the passengers they are not even phased. The bus ride for them is not a frustrating invasion of space as it is for me, rather it is a time out of their day in which they have to worry about nothing but getting off at the right stop."

After reading this story, I would like to sum up my journeys in and around Amsterdam, the Harbour and my journey to the DSV factory tomorrow...

"The journey not the arrival matters." by T. S. Eliot