Key Information on the Ports

The Demand for Work Production and Logistics companies have a large need for new employees, this need is going to continue to increase as new businesses develop and current employees retire.

West Axis - Industrial Area

Hoogtij(Zaandam) Westpoort (Havens van Amsterdam), Zwanenburg, Lijnden (Badhoevedorp), Hoofdorp Noord en Schipol ( Centrum, Oost Rijk.

Education is not priority for the emplyers. The want to employee people who 'want' to work and are capable of 'learning on the job'

There is a need for low-educated jobs in the New West. Councils of these areas have a large ambition to assist people from the neighbourhoods mentioned previously, to get a job.


  • Relatively young women who have not claimed social benefit and would like to work, but have many inhibitions in finding the right job.
  • School drop outs who have not completed secondary school
  • Other job seekers

Target Users

  • Present employees
  • Employers

The work available is outside their nieghbourhood. Access to transport for these people is a large problem.

Looking for a job, offering a job, available transportation to and from work should all integrate with each other. This trinity should unite to form a coherent service, and this must be planned out.

Endusers are at the heart of this problem.

Research - we must portray the current employees as ambassadors to the potential employees. In the first moment of contact with the stakeholders we must be sure to convey enthusiasm about the Harbour area. We will also offer potential employees who attend the workshop something to take home with them to keep/ show their family etc...

Design a project style - Work out testimonials to illustrate the experiences of the present employees.

Goal of research

Develop a service - bringing a solution to transportation problem, improving their experience and emotional journey. Create a better image of the Harbour Area.

During the workshops if participants feel they are part of the problem this will be a big step in finding a solution.

We must gain feedback from the workshops and interact with the participants in such a way that it will lead to a long term relationship, ensuring we can obtain more information and feedback.

Think of a way to reward the four groups for participating in the workshop. This will be an incentive for their attendance.

Concept for Workshops

We want you to come and work in the Harbour areas. How can we achieve this?

Transportation should not be an obstacle for people working in the harbour area.

During the workshops: Usage of photos, simple tasks and short questions. Expectations are the first group of women have low language skills, and low level of dutch. The other two groups are expected to have a better understanding of dutch. The groups must be given the opportunity to respond to each others answers and opinions.

Opinion and Impression of the Harbour Area ( questrions to ask to obtain this information)

  • What jobs are there in the Harbour Area?
  • Present photographs of the type of jobs in the harbour ( storage, logistics, production, offices)
  • Who would want to work here? Where would you be interested in working? Why? Would you prefer to work closer to the New West? Why? eg.childcare, travel costs, health.
  • What kind of work could you do and why?

Location of the Harbour in relation to New West/Osdorp

Map the harbour graphically with points of recognition

Judging distances to Hitachi in km and time ( and public transport) take photos of Hitachi.

Where do the people live? (address, on the map, pointing it out on the map)

State actual distances and travel times and note reactions/repsonses.

The People.

  • What kind of transportation do you have? ( show pictures of options )
  • How would you get to Hitachi if you worked there ( realistically - times etc) - spontaneous reactions.
  • Map out journey with pictures ( all transportation and stop overs)
  • Which parts would you enjoy not enjoy?
  • Map an ideal trip with photographs
  • Who knows people who currently work in the Harbour area? (ask)
  • How do they travel there?
  • Do you understand how this works?

To obtain positive / negative responses to potential transportation means.

Show photos of different means of transportation. Write down pro's and con's.

Choose favourites.

Ask about finance and cost. Picture of 'Strippenkaart' and refueling at the fuelstation. Real bottleneck or totally no interest.

The development of this service will be set up in Osdorp.


How many people in New West have to put to work, and will they apply to the criteria in the coming five years?

What are the expectations for employment in WestPort? and other industrial areas for the coming five years? in the named categories of job seekers.

What is the possible budget for the development of the service concept for the Harbour of Amsterdam and Osdorp?

When does the service concept have to be completed for? When do we want to start with the service concept and eventually to initially start with trial project.

Thank you Michel for translating all these documents for me :)